Protecting Soil Health With Harvest Bounty Seed, Created By Ƶ

An important goal of sustainable agriculture is preserving the land. Soil health is a key component, along with stabilizing the soil. That’s why the Harvest Bounty seed brand was created by Ƶ. 

This brand is dedicated to providing farmers with a wide variety of cover crops, plus conventional non-GMO hybrids and varieties for commercial production. A cover crop slows runoff from precipitation, reducing soil loss due to erosion. Over time, a cover crop will increase soil organic matter that will increase the soil structure, allowing the soil to hold more moisture and nutrients. 

Here’s what our farmers are telling us …

Lucas Haze – Haze Ranch – Waterford, CA

“Cover crops give us the ability to protect our soil from wind and water erosion. Cover crops increase soil health by adding organic matter and increasing the water holding capacity. This is about keeping and improving our soil for the future.”

Tyler Hilger – O’Neill, NE

“We started Harvest Bounty cover crops 8 years ago as an attempt at erosion control on a newly developed field. With poor organic matter and limited manure availability, we began to experiment with radishes and peas growing side-by-side, with the corn trying to gain any organic advantage we could.  

We were pleasantly surprised and quickly began to expand the number of acres we put Harvest Bounty cover crops on. Over time, we are seeing better weed suppression, improved water infiltration, improved early season plant health and no yield lag.

I believe the merit of cover cropping more than pays for itself if some consistency can be achieved. We are currently experimenting with new Harvest Bounty seed blends, planting times, and planting techniques to find what works best on our farm to enable us to achieve 100% cover every year.”

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