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How to Apply

How to apply to Ƶ

Interested in joining the Ƶ family? From finding the right position to your first day on the job, here’s what you can expect in the application journey.

Stage 1 Application

Visit our website or LinkedIn to find and select  career opportunities.

Create an account to track your application process.

Watch for an application confirmation email letting you know your application is under review.

Upload your resume and/or sign in with LinkedIn to autofill your information.

Stage 2 Interview

Our recruitment specialists will review your application to determine if you could be a candidate.

If we believe you could be a fit, we’ll follow up to schedule a phone interview first. If all goes well on the phone, we’ll invite you to interview in person.

Depending on the position, we may ask you back for final interviews with your teams, and make you an offer.

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